Why work with affiliate marketing?

Most companies start with affiliate marketing because of the low risk. Most of the e-commerces or services that work with this type of marketing pay a commission for sales to their media partners. But is this the only benefit? In this post we will go over the main benefits of working with affiliate marketing. 

Key benefits of affiliate marketing

Community marketing

With blockchain and influencers being the main buzzwords these days community marketing has become the marketing of the future. This marketing strategy is about building a sense of belonging around your brand that motivates people or in this case media to participate and contribute. 

Affiliate marketing is very much about community marketing. Your job is to create a value proposition and strategy to attract and take care of media in your community. The reward for you is that you have hundreds or even thousands of media partners that talk about and promote your products. If everything is working as it should then both you and your community can enjoy sales and commission that keeps everybody happy and motivated to continue working together. 

Brand building

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to build your brand. Imagine thousands of media partners talking about your brand such as influencers, magazine articles, social media groups, reviews and so on. It's basically everything you need te create awareness, trust and sales. With the right strategy you can scale your brand and sales with only affiliate marketing. 

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It’s difficult to create a marketing strategy that you can scale. Most companies depend on a marketing budget with a few drops every year. One key benefit with affiliate marketing is that you don’t have a budget to manage. It’s all about how many media partners you can recruit and how much traffic and sales you can generate. 

Digital sales force

Earlier in the post we talked about community marketing but you can also see this as your digital sales force. Building your community looks a lot like having a sales organization to educate, inspire and motivate to sell your products. Read more about a digital sales force

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