About Addexpansion 


The Secret of Success

Addexpansion was founded from the insights that the digital revolution needs more transparency and team work between entrepreneur / CEO and business consultants. We don’t want to be another consultant that makes their money by working with high hourly rates and incentive to invoice hours. We want to be in the same boat as the client with a common goal to achieve success together.

With 12 years of experience growing digital companies we created Addexpansion – the next generation of services to scale digital companies. During the years we’ve helped companies scale from startup to 100 million USD + in sales. Now we’ve created the foundation to do this journey with more companies. 

We work with upcoming digital stars and established enterprises. We support them with senior project management and advice as well as time saving administration solutions.

We specialize in affiliate marketing and support companies from start to international affiliate strategy management. 

Office: Barnhusgatan 3, 111 23, Stockholm, Sweden