Affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing strategy where digital companies like e-commerce, subscription services or similar builds communities of publishers that on a regular basis promote its products or services. 

What type of publishers can you work with?

Most typical publishers are influencers, websites, communities, newsletters, apps, social media pages or price comparison. Basically any media that can link can join your affiliate marketing community. 

How does the commission work?

The most common is to pay a commission for each sale that your publishers deliver. It is also possible to pay a commission for clicks, e-mail signups or app downloads. 

How to get started

Most companies use an affiliate network to get started but it is also possible to create your own affiliate platform or use codes to track publishers commission. To scale your affiliate strategy you need to have an affiliate platform or network that automatically tracks commissions and administrates payouts. 

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