Create a digital sales force to grow your business

Everybody understands that a sales force is usually a very good way to generate sales and scale your business. But can you apply this to digital marketing? The answer is yes and this is how you do it. 

What is a digital sales force?

To explain it fast and easy a digital sales force is a bunch of media that promote your products in order to make a commission. In the digital marketing world this is called affiliate marketing. 

The purpose of affiliate marketing is to create a large community of different media that promote your products in order to sell. The community can consist of thousands of media that on a regular basis do promotion for you. You incentivize your community by giving them a commission. 

Examples of media can be influencers, magazines, websites or apps. 

Here you can read more about the different types of media you can work with. 

Get started with a digital sales force

To be able to create a digital sales force you need to have a product to sell, a value proposition, a strategy, people (in this case media) and a commission for your media to earn.

Basically anybody with a digital business can get started with a digital sales force. You need something that you sell online in order to share a commission. For example e-commerce, membership or subscription. 

Because your cost (except for your time) is a commission this is a low risk marketing / sales strategy with a very high potential to scale. To be successful it’s really important that you invest in a good strategy with a strong value proposition for the media (your sales force) to work with you. 

Here you can read about the practical things you need to get started affiliate marketing.

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