Get started affiliate marketing

How to get started with affiliate marketing

Do you struggle with seeing ROI in your social media marketing or are you paying too much per click to Google? Then maybe affiliate marketing is the answer for you. In this post we will guide you through the steps you need to take to launch your affiliate program. 

What is affiliate marketing?

To make it plain and simple. Affiliate marketing is a performance based marketing concept where you build a community of influencers, magazines, websites, apps etc (below media partners) around your brand or store. You incentivize the community by sharing a commission on sales or other business goals they deliver.

If you do it right you should have hundreds or even thousands of media partners that every week or month promote your brand and products to help you grow your business in a scalable way. 

How to get started with affiliate marketing

  1. You need a service that helps you administer tracking of sales and manage payment to your media partners. You can handle a small community yourself but to scale you need a service for this. There are many options with different upsides and downsides. We offer help to find the best platform for your business. 
  2. Prospect media partners that you wish to work with. This can be influencers, magazines, shopping websites, newsletters, apps etc. Here we present different types of mediapartners.
  3. Define your USP:s to attract media partners to work with you. 
  4. Create onboarding and ongoing strategy on how to incentivize and motivate your media community to promote your campaigns and products. For this you should use a CRM tool. 
  5. Launch affiliate program. Start contacting your media partners and optimize your workflow, USP:s and relationships for long term success. 

Need help to get started? Book a meeting with us and we will help get off to a great start.