Brandbuilding with affiliate marketing

Do you see affiliate marketing as a way to generate sales but you prefer other channels for brand building? Then it’s time to expand your idea of what affiliate marketing is. This post will talk about how you can boost your brand building with affiliate marketing. 

What are the benefits of affiliate marketing when it comes to brand building? 

First of all not all media partners have the capacity to build a brand so you should focus on influencers and digital magazines for this purpose. This is where your potential customers are looking for inspiration and doing research for their next purchase. 

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These media partners often have a large following or readers so it’s a great opportunity to get more people to know about your brand. 


The single most important thing you need to drive sales is trust. You need recommendations from a third party to convince your potential customers that your products or services are good. Both influencers and magazines offer this. 

Community marketing

Most companies that work with influencers or magazines work with one or a few at a time because of budget and administrative reasons. Imagine what would happen to your brand if hundreds of influencers and magazines promote your brand at the same time and also do it every week? 

Because affiliate marketing is performance based you can work with an unlimited amount of media partners at the same time. So the question is how many influencers or magazines you can get to join your affiliate program?

To good to be through?

It would be awesome if all it took was to launch an affiliate program and then you can have hundreds of influencers promoting your brand. In reality it comes down to your value proposition towards influencers or magazines, what’s in it for them to work with your brand? Commission is one part but it’s also important to offer other types of value to help build relationships. It all comes down to your USP, strategy and resources.

Need help with your brand building or to discover your value proposition towards influencers? Book a meeting with us to listen about how we can help your brand to the next level. 

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