Influencer marketing

Learn how to prospect influencers

If you've worked with influencers in the past you probably know that it takes a lot of time. Most of the times it's also difficult to identify which influencer that will present your brand or products in a good way and that will engage followers to convert. Here's three tips on how to find the right influencer.

Try to understand why people are following the influencers

A lot of influencers have many followers but they follow the person for the wrong reason (seen from your companies perspective). To get a good effect you should identify influencers with high influence within a specific category for both brand building and driving sales. For example some influencers gain followers by provocing or creating scandals. Their followers are probably not interested in your products unless you align your marketing with the provocation.

Be careful with engagement rate

Engagement rate = (amount of likes and comments compared to followers)

It's relatively easy to generate likes with a nice images. The problem is that nice images get likes because of a beautiful sunset or other "nice moments", people didn't care about the product displayed in the photo. To get a good effect the content should focus on the product or the brand so you need to find influencers that can present your company in an inspiring way. Content with lower engagement rates can in many cases give you more value beacause it's more aligned with your products or brand.

Don't look at the amount of followers

The influencers with the highest amunt of followers get a lot of inquiries for companies. Meaning it's more difficult to eastablish a dialogue and probably the prices are higher then other influencers. Look for the influencers that are dying to work with your company. They often have a lower amount of followers but in return you get higher engagement from the influencer, better content and at the end you get more value from your money.

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