What commission should you offer influencers?

There is no established commission that you must offer influencers, as compensation can vary depending on several factors. This can include the following:

Number of followers: Influencers with larger followings tend to receive higher compensation.

Engagement: Influencers with higher engagement, such as likes and comments on their posts, may also receive higher compensation.

Type of content: The content that the influencer produces can also affect their compensation. For example, some content forms, such as video content, may require more time and effort to produce, which may justify higher compensation.

Brand: Some brands may pay more than others, depending on budget and strategy.

Generally, a common commission offered to influencers can be between 5-20% of the sales generated from their posts or campaigns. However, it is important to remember that compensation for influencers is not just about the commission. It is also important to consider other factors, such as product samples or access to exclusive events, which can increase the overall value of a collaboration.

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