Prospect media partners for your affiliate marketing

Are you thinking about launching your affiliate marketing program or did you launch but you want to find more media partners to work with? Then this guide is for you. 

Different type of affiliate media partners

We prefer to use the term media partners but you will also find names like publishers or affiliates when talking about different types of media that work with affiliate revenue. 

Here is a presentation about different media partners. 


This is probably the most popular category to work with. The key benefit with influencers is that they do not only drive traffic and sales, they also help you build your brand and give trust in your products. You can work directly with influencers or through a network that works with many influencers.


We made a separate post about how to prospect influencers

Digital magazines

Also a very popular media partner to work with. Magazines are known to create trends and give trust in products, but in affiliate marketing they are also excellent medias for driving sales. 



The consumer is often very aware of the price before they make a purchase or they need detailed information about products. As a result of this there are numerous websites and services that help consumers to compare products and prices in order to find the best for them. These websites often use affiliate revenue and are a perfect way for you to find new customers. 


Loyalty and reward

In order to build relationships with existing customers it is important to offer benefits. A way to do this is through reward, meaning you give points or cashback to motivate them to come back and buy more from you. There are many loyalty / reward / cashback medias you can work with within affiliate marketing. 


Discount and vouchers

To convince a potential customer you might want to use a discount to trigger the purchase. Within affiliate marketing you can find a lot of different pages that offer consumers discounts to trigger a purchase. 



Email marketing is a great way to generate sales and there are a lot of media partners that specialize in this within affiliate marketing. 

Paid advertising 

Some media partners are really good at buying paid advertising through social media, retargeting or search engines marketing. You can team up with one or several of these media partners to get more traffic to your website with little or no risk. 

Do you want to learn more about media partnerships or how to prospect? Book a meeting with us to listen on how we can help you on the correct path. 

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