What is a sales funnel?

A "sales funnel" is a marketing model that represents the path a potential customer takes from being aware of a company's product or service to making a decision to purchase it. The model is also called a "sales funnel" in Swedish.

A typical sales funnel consists of several stages, which often include:

  1. Awareness - potential customers become aware of the company's product or service through marketing activities, such as advertising or search engine optimization.
  2. Interest - potential customers show an interest in the company's product or service by visiting the website or through other interactions.
  3. Decision - potential customers make a decision to purchase the company's product or service.
  4. Repeat purchase - satisfied customers return and purchase additional products or services from the company.

By using a sales funnel, companies can gain a better understanding of where potential customers are in the buying process and create customized marketing strategies and content that help guide customers to the purchase decision.

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