3 common questions on what to expect from media partners

To create quality long term relationships with media partners (publishers) you need to get the basics right. A lot of collaborations ends up bad just because the e-commerce and media didn't get off on the right foot. Here are 3 questions you should get straight when starting a collab with a media partner.

What should I expect when working with a media partner?

You should get insights about the followers / visitors in order to understand how to engage and convert. If it's a qualified media partners you should also be able to get information about triggers and needs, not only target group, demography etc. If you understand the triggers of the target group your chances of doing a successful collab increases significantly.

What result should I expect from the media partner?

When you start the collaboration it's important that you agree on what is a good result before you start. Remember that marketing is usually complex so if it's a new partner you want give it some time to find the right way to market your brand and products. If you have been working with the partner for a while you should be able to create specific goals in terms of conversion. So the bottomline is that you need to see the result as journey, the chances that you get it right the first is quite small.

What is the first thing I should think about when doing marketing?

User experience and creating content that match with the users interests and needs. If you want to do marketing that will scale your company you need to focus on what triggers your potential clients in to buying your product. The key to this is to create marketing that is aligned with your potential customers interest (not only what you want to sell). Think that you are solving someones problem, your job is to communicate a great solution to that issue.