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Are you satisfied with the content and appearance of your site?

Successful e-commerce requires a good site. The site must be structured, clear and professional so that the customer feels confident in both the company and the products.

Do you track your traffic to the site

It is important to analyze the traffic for many reasons. For example, you can see which channels generate the most visitors, you get an understanding of the customer journey and signals about shortcomings on the site.

Do you collaborate with influencers?

Influencer marketing helps you reach a specific audience effectively. Today, influencers can have up to 1 million followers.

Who takes care of your finances?

Smaller companies often manage the finances themselves, while larger companies use external help.

What channels do you use for advertising?

Online marketing can be done in many different channels. For example facebook, instagram, linkedin, google, youtube.

Have you done a target group analysis?

It is important to know your target audience. This way you can advertise in the right channels and publish custom content.

Have you analyzed your business marketing funnel?

If we understand the customer's needs, situation and how they plan their purchases, we get a better understanding of where to focus our marketing to create maximum returns.